Larry Touchette

Larry Touchette

If at all possible, don’t attempt to sell one house while buying its replacement. That’s a recipe for insanity and many potential problems. That’s what we did when we moved from Los Angeles to Santa Maria. We’d been shopping the listings on line for months and Cliff contacted us, without being pushy, to inquire when we might be ready to actively begin shopping for a home. He kept in touch for many weeks, never pushing, patiently answering any and all questions as they arose.

When the time came to physically shop the available properties, Cliff made himself available when requested and showed us every possible home to fit our needs and desires. He was with us through the entire process, even when the escrow company handling the sale of our previous home experienced severe breakdowns and the one handling our local purchase experienced similar issues, he was there to make sure things were taken care of and requests for and repairs to the home were accomplished.

Cliff was always positive, patient, accommodating every request cheerfully, handling our purchase from start to finish.

April 2, 2015

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