Avila Beach must be the smallest town on the Central Coast covering only 1.3 square miles and having a population of around 1,000. This tiny community packs a big punch with tourists due to places like the Avila Beach Pier with the famous Fish and Farmers Market. The Port San Luis Pier which is home Patriot Sport Fishing, The Old Port Inn, and Fat Cats Cafe. I can attest that both restaurants offer great food, a casual beach style atmosphere and in the case of The Old Port Inn great scenic views and from certain tables, views down into the water like a glass bottom boat.
Avila Beach real estate

Hot springs have long been popular and 2 venues vie for your dollars, the luxurious Sycamore Minerals Springs and it’s sumptous suites, fine restaurant and relaxing hot tubs that dot the hillside oak forest. Second is the Avila Hot Springs with a pool filled with fresh water, hot spring fed mineral soaking pool, quaint cabins, colorful hotel.

Other popular attractions are , Avila Marine Institute/Sea Life Center, Avila Beach Blues Festival beaches and harbor.

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